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Timeshare Liquidation –
  Questions & Answers

Timeshare Liquidation Main Page   

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What is timeshare liquidation?
» This is the process of legally transferring your timeshare out of your name and eliminating all the yearly maintenance expenses as well. This process "gets you out completely from the timeshare ownership".

How is your price compared to the other Liquidation companies?
» You can easily check around and find that the liquidation companies out there charge a fee of about $4000 for liquidating your timeshare. Our fees are about half that cost, saving you a lot of money and accomplishing the same thing – Getting you out of your timeshare!

What is your Guarantee that the timeshare will be liquidated?
» We offer you a 100% money back guarantee on the fee you paid us that we will get your timeshare out of your name forever. That is the goal.

What if I owe a mortgage on the timeshare?
» If you owe a mortgage and have a deed on the timeshare, chances are that we can get you out of the remaining balance due on the timeshare you own. The attorney we pay to handle your case is the most respected real estate and timeshare attorney in Southern California.

What is the process?
» First you give us all the information about your timeshare that we need to draw up the liquidation papers on your behalf. You are quoted the price for the entire liquidation process. NO HIDDEN FEES. You pay us a one time processing fee by credit card or check to start your timeshare transfer process. We will send you the contract that you will need to review to be sure all the information we need for the process is correct. If there are any changes you need us to make, call us or make those changes in the contract .You then send it back to us signed and retain a copy for your self. You may mail it back. You may also fax it back to us. Then we get started on the liquidation of your timeshare.

What do I as the client need to provide?
» We will be asking you for your deed and maintenance bills to facilitate the transfer process. You should not be behind in your maintenance bills and timeshare payments. We will be asking for copies of the timeshare property description or points description so we can be sure that we file the correct information for liquidating your timeshare.

How long does the process take & is there a guarantee?
» The process takes about 8-12 weeks from the time you return us the signed contract and the information packet with the payment to transfer your liquidated timeshare. However, if you have a mortgage on your timeshare, the process may take longer. The guarantee is that we will get you out of the timeshare permanently and legally, provided you give us all the information we require on your property. This is so we can file the correct documentation and information for liquidating your timeshare.

What are the costs to liquidate my timeshare?
» The price you pay us will include all of the costs of the processing fee to us, the resort required transfer fee, if any, all the document fees, the attorney fees, the escrow and title fees. And of course the filing fees to make the transfer legal. You may not have to pay off the maintenance fees that are due, and maybe even the fees that are past due. Each client’s situation is different, but we try our best to secure you the lowest amount we can to get you out of the timeshare.

What if I have more than one timeshare to get rid of?
» We can help you liquidate all of your unwanted timeshares. Prices for the second and any additional timeshares will be discounted to a reasonably-priced lower fee for these additional timeshares.

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